Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week Six: More Report Writing

Week 6: Our Shortest Week of the Year!! due to a day off on Thursday to make up for the Town Forest Summit last Saturday. We spent 3 intensive days report writing for the Stratton Pond Management Plan. 

Look at us work!

Day 1: Grant started the week with some classic line drills (lunges, high knees) to get our hearts pumpin' on the cold morning before we started a long week in front of our computers. We spent all morning brainstorming an outline for this report, and began the process of creating a task list for the next few days. In the past we would write reports in small groups, but this was our first report written all together. The rest of  the day was spent with Ralph Tursini, director of the Jericho Research Forest helping pull invasive species in the Japanese Larch stand. 

       Ralph in his natural habitat             Just some goombers goombering around with da tools                            

We picked buckthorn, honeysuckle, and Japanese barberry. A group of us also gathered acorns to aid in the reintroduction of red oak to the Larch stand after harvest. 

Michelle mimicking our grey, furry friends                                     Nick pulling some barberry

Day 2: First thing first, Michelle led us in a tea meditation. We then began the day by laying out our goals and objectives section as a group for the management plan. It was important to have a clear view of what it was we were trying to accomplish during the project before we began to write the report. Then we broke off into our respective groups to get sections done! We came back together around lunch time for a progress report. After lunch we met with Jeff Hughes, author of "Environmental Problem Solving: A How To Guide" one of our textbooks this semester. He spoke to us about how to approach problem solving by getting to what he called "the real problem". This meant spending more time dissecting the problem to see all of the different components and then thinking of ways to solve the multidimensional issue. We will all get experience with this when we start our Small Team Projects (STPs) later in the semester!
Jeff Hughes

We then took some time to not be inside... so we went to stretch our muscles and played a great game of zipper tag!
Run Flore run!

Day 3: Our last day began with a reflection of what we were thankful for and what we like about October led by Bonnie. Then we brainstormed and compiled our recommendations and considerations for Stratton Pond. We then spent most of the day finishing our report. 

Finishing in style

Stay Classy, Internet
Grant and Zoe 

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