Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 8: Finishing Touches Or Recalibration

Weather of the week: Grey with 100% chance of rain

To kickstart the week, the crew had its NR 207 Retreat Part Deux (Two). 

Starting the day on a good note *smiles*

To continue the fashion of self-reflection, we sat in the Lair had had a group discussion about where we are and where we want to go as a team and individuals. Right after we jumped back to Carse Realm!!!

Cold weather, grey sky with a hint of drizzle is no match for our valiant team as we made our way to down the to-do list with the most crucial being flagging and marking our journey on the GPS.

Grant and Brian are ready for the day!

Nick really enjoyed the rain! 

Preliminary flagging of the trails. 

When we called it a day in the field, that was not the end for us. 

Shannon and Nick taking in the view and making executive decisions about the trail.

The next thing on the menu was reservation Chez Deane Wang with the esteemed guest, Nancy Bell, who have conserved hundred of thousands acres of land (some would whisper half of a million). 

Nom, nom, nom. Lasagna with mushroom and kale and freshly baked bread. (Thank you, Becky)

Deane telling us our beverage options, decaf coffee or tea.

Early but not so bright, we were graced with the presence of Nathan Reigner, a post-doctorate at the UVM Parks and Recreation Department and he dropped some knowledge of the ways on natural resources and human interactions and how the administrations (referring to OUR CREW at the time) can help retain the integrity of a place. This led to a revolutionary change in thought and out to the field AGAIN half of the team went for more exploration and assessment to see how our newly acquired knowledge can make for a better trial. The rest continue working on the deliverables for our sponsor, Rick Paradis!

The next day, with few to go until our deadline, the other half of the team ventured out to give it their final stamp of approval. 

Laura approves!? Or really love Musclewood Trees? Either way we'll take it!

Bonnie Definitely approves!

Until next week folks...

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