Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 7

The week started off in the lair with the much anticipated assignment of our small team projects. Some of the projects include invasive species mapping, assessing recreational access on waterways, riparian buffer assessment, and more! We then met in our small team project groups and discussed goals of the project as well as any questions we had for our community partners. These projects will take place in late November.

We were then graced with Rick Paradis’ presence, the director of UVM’s Natural Areas, to discuss the newly acquired 225 acre Carse Property in Heinsburg, VT. We discussed trail features and considerations when planning a trail network. Next, we watched some awesome youtube vids about proper trail design and how to mitigate impact from humans, weather and other factors to ensure long-term sustainability of a trail through proper construction of a trail.

We took a much needed break outside to tie each other’s shoe laces with one hand each to learn cooperation and teamwork.

Since it was so beautiful outside, we remained in the grass to talk about trail planning and our goals and objectives for our upcoming project at the Carse Property.

James looking adorable while we plan for the Carse Project.
We subsequently went inside, and continued to discuss our goals and objectives for a few hours to get them juuuuuuust right.

Tuesday we hopped in the vans and headed to the Carse Property to scope it out. We divided into three groups: group 1 assessed the parking lot options, group 2 took note of positive and negative notable spots in the property on the GPS, and group 3 assessed the current proposed trail. It was a perfectly beautiful day. We ended the day by talking about the natural communities that we found throughout the forest. 

Emily, our fearless leader.

Nick and Michelle looking as beautiful as the scenery.
Who doesn't love nature pics?

We even met some friends! This dude had a mouse in his stomach!

Our work site, not too shabby.

Spreading seeds, and joy.
A fuzzy worm.

Mesic-Maple-Ash-Hickory-Oak Forest. Beautiful!

Summing up our findings in a circle. We are really good at making circles.

Jules checking out soil suitability for trail building.

Wednesday, we met in the morning and discussed our findings from the previous day in the field. From that, we came up with a plan for further research at the Carse Property. Group 1 stayed back in the lair to research costs for creating parking lots and talk with landowners. Group 2 and 3 continued their research in the field. We then met up as a group in the sugarbush and planned out our work for Thursday so we could come in and get to work as efficiently as possible.

Thursday, Jules enlightened us to Kid President, an adorable and inspiration figure of the Internet. We then did some drawing therapy before beginning our work day. The rest of the day was spent report writing, researching history on the Carse Property, and developing maps on GIS. Lastly we got to read our Warm and Fuzzies. This is when everyone writes something nice about each LANDS member and puts it in an envelope in order to foster a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Later skaters,
Shannon and Courtney