Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Field Semester Training Week 2

We began our week early on Monday morning and headed to UVM’s Jericho Research Forest for our Wilderness First Aid training and first LANDS camping trip of the semester. We were cheerfully greeted by our instructor Dave from Aerie Backcountry Medicine. Upon arriving we dove in to our wilderness medicine training. Dave began by teaching us the ABCDEs of wilderness medicine: Airways, Breathing, Circulation, Deficits, and Environment. We learned the signs and symptoms and how to treat different types of injuries and conditions, including shock, head injuries, sprains and strains, heart attacks, strokes, hypothermia, abdominal emergencies, diabetes, and allergic reactions.

We acted out hypothetical situations to help apply our new training to potential scenarios and work on diagnosing a variety of medical issues. The class ended on Tuesday and everyone received their WFA card, as well as a couple of people who used the class to recertify their Wilderness First Responder certifications. We all had a blast with this training!

Our first night of camping was great as well! We enjoyed two types of lasagna and s’mores around the campfire.


Wednesday we honed in on our GIS skills through a scavenger hunt that led us to the maps room in the UVM Library. We looked at parcels of land in groups and explored their ecological resources through the use of maps and GIS data. We met back together as a group to give presentations to the "Grumpy Cat Land Trust."

Thursday was our first rainy day together but we made the most of it on a trip out to Lone Rock Point with Alicia Daniel. We explored the geology of the area and learned about thrust faults. In groups we examined the multiple levels of the area’s landscape. The afternoon was spent on a orienteering challenge in Centennial Woods!


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